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Welcome to the HarmoniQuA training base

The training base contains all the material that has been developed within HarmoniQuA for training students and professionals.  It also contains background information related to HarmoniQuA and its products.

For a particular training session it is expected that a local copy of the training base will be made and modified according to the profile of the trainees.

The information is structured in a way that facilitates its modification.

The main pages of the training base, accessible on the left side bar, are outlined below.
Training Base

Guidance on using the training base


Contains information on:

  1. the scope of training material,

  2. the HarmoniQuA project, 

  3. staff conducting training, 

  4. links to relevant websites and software downloads, and

  5. partners involved in HarmoniQuA


Contains details of the 3 core training programs (demonstration, short and long).  Additional programs may be added to this page

Media room

This page contains:

  1. computer screen training movies, 

  2. details of relevant papers and reports,

  3. selection of PowerPoint presentations.


Contains information on each of the HarmoniQuA products and how to obtain them.

Case Study

A basic case study involving the use of a water balance model.

The training material has been produced within the Project Harmonising Quality Assurance in model based catchments and river basin management (HarmoniQuA), which is partly funded by the EC Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development programme (Contract EVK1-CT2001-00097).


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