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  1. What is the KB-editor
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What is the KB-editor

The KB-editor (knowledge base editor) is a web based tool to develop knowledge of some specific types:

  • process knowledge bases;
  • glossaries;
  • knowledge bases for test sites / case studies;
  • knowledge bases for water stress mitigation options.

The knowledge bases consist of a structure and content. All knowledge bases (structure and content) are designed an implemented in Protégé, a free open source ontology editor and knowledge base framework (see http://protege.stanford.edu/) with more than 80,000 registered users. The knowledge based discussed on this web page are thus ontological knowledge bases that are easy to maintain, update and change. The KB-editor is a tool to facilitate developing, maintaining and upgrading ontological knowledge bases, pre-structured in Protégé. The KB-editor act as front-end between domain experts (water management modellers), unskilled in knowledge engineering, and the knowledge base designed and implemented in Protégé.

The basic (ontological) structure of processes, defined in process knowledge bases is as follows: processes are split in steps, steps in tasks, tasks in activities. Tasks and activities can be supported by methods. There are three types of tasks: (normal) tasks, decision tasks and review tasks. Decision tasks are similar to normal tasks, but someone has to decide whether to redo a part of the previous tasks or continue with a new one. Review tasks are similar to decision tasks, but with emphasis on discussing and achieving agreement.

A KB-editor helps to define and implement new knowledge bases, which describe other processes than modelling. Tasks and activities can be made specific for types of users or types of domains, relevant for the project at hand. The so called ‘dedication aspects’ user type and domain type are more flexible in ProST and can be defined to be relevant for a process/project at hand.



The KB-editor has been developed within the FP5 project HarmoniQuA (Contract no: EVK1-CT-2001-00097, Duration: 2002-2005), the FP6 project AquaStress () and Making MoST Flexible (commissioned by Harmoni-CA). The KB-editor was developed by Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

Related software and / or KBs

  • ProST can handle process knowledge bases defined with the KB-editor and provides its knowledge content as guidance for the defined process at hand; see  ProST;
  • a process KB is description of a process, defined in the KB-editor; see modelling KB or other process KBs.

Current version



This tool cannot be downloaded, as it is a web based tool. The KB-editor can be used online for free from www.HarmoniQuA.org/aquastress.


This tool is the sole responsibility of its developers and does not represent the opinion of the European Commission, nor is the European Commission responsible for any use that might be made of the information appearing herein.

Updated on 16 October 2007 by Huub Scholten, Wageningen University. Contact on MoST, ProST, modelling KB, KB-editor, GlosT or this website? Email: Huub.Scholten@wur.nl or Ayalew.Kassahun@wur.nl .