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What is GlosT

Within the project HarmoniQuA a glossary website and glossary with about 1000 terms related to model-based water management have been developed. This glossary is used in the tools MoST and ProST: glossary terms in the modelling guidance have hyperlinks to the glossary. Clicking on a hyperlink invokes the glossary and explains the hyperlinked term.

Next to a glossary for modelling, initiated by HarmoniQuA, several other  water related projects have a need for a well organised terminology, e.g. Harmoni-CA, AquaStress. Using a single tool for several (related glossaries) facilitates comparing definitions between projects and provides a more complete glossary.

Therefore, HarmoniQuA’s glossary website has been redesigned to a web based Glossary Tool, GlosT.



GlosT has been developed within the project Making MoST Flexible, which has been commissioned by Harmoni-CA, has been supported by AquaStress and was developed by Wageningen University in cooperation with  RWS-RIZA (Institute for Inland Water Management and Waste Water Treatment), The Netherlands.

Related software and / or KBs

  • KB-editor:
  • MoST
  • ProST

Current version



This tool cannot be downloaded, as it is a web based tool. GlosT can be used online for free from

Download the GlosT manual from here.


This tool is the sole responsibility of its developers and does not represent the opinion of the European Commission, nor is the European Commission responsible for any use that might be made of the information appearing herein.

Updated on 15 October 2007 by Huub Scholten, Wageningen University. Contact on MoST, ProST, modelling KB, KB-editor, GlosT or this website? Email: or .