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The ProST Technology has been developed in a series of larger and smaller projects, which will be summarized here in

  1. The Dutch GMP-project, resulting in a Handbook on Good Modelling Practice: Van Waveren, R.H., S. Groot, H. Scholten, F. Van Geer, H. Wösten, R. Koeze and J.J. Noort, 1999. Good Modelling Practice Handbook, STOWA/RWS-RIZA, Utrecht/Lelystad, in Dutch, ISBN 90-5773-056-1, 149 pp. (

  2. HarmoniQuA (EC-funded, FP5, 2002-2005) aimed to provide a user friendly computer based guidance and QA framework for use in model based river management. More details are given here.

  3. AquaStress (EC-funded, FP6, 2005-2009) aims at water stress mitigation. More details are given here.

  4. Making MoST flexible (Harmoni-CA funded, 2006-2007), in which the Modelling Support Tool, MoST has been transferred into the more flexible Process Support Tool ProST. Other results are the Glossary Tool, GlosT).

  5. Post HarmoniQuA Collaboration Framework is an international organisation to keep MoST/ProST and HarmoniQuA's modelling knowledge base alive.

The products MoST, ProST, modelling KB, KB-editor, GlosT and other knowledge bases are presented at products.

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