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Welcome to this website on collaborative technology. Find free software to define and support processes such as the simulation modelling process and other complex collaborative processes. The following tools and knowledge bases are available:

  • Modelling Support Tool, MoST in combination with the modelling knowledge base for water management; MoST and the modelling KB provide guidance for model-based water management and supports all phases of projects that use modelling in water management.

  • Process Support Tool, ProST in combination with the KB-editor; ProST is the successor of MoST and can handle projects, based on processes defined with the KB-editor; ProST provides guidance, helps setting up projects, monitors what project teams do and helps managing and reporting projects.

  • Glossary Tool, GlosT, helps developing and managing glossaries that, subsequently, can be used in other tool (e.g. MoST and ProST).

  • Knowledge bases on water stress mitigation; these KBs include water stress mitigation processes but also water stress mitigation options (measures) and test sites / case studies.

Furthermore, this website provides help systems and training material for these tools and introduces the Post HarmoniQuA Collaboration Framework, an international organisation to keep the tools and modelling base alive.

Disclaimer: All products are developed within EC funded projects in FP5 and FP6. This website is the sole responsibility of its author(s) and does not represent the opinion of the European Commission, nor is the European Commission responsible for any use that might be made of the information appearing herein.

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